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Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteers are essential to the success of ODAS. They provide additional manpower to help us get the daily chores accomplished as well as enrich the lives of the animals in our care. They are ambassadors for the organization. Attire for all positions is long pants, sensible closed-toed shoes and a t-shirt. Wear warm clothes as needed and rubber boots if assisting with the morning cleaning process or walking dogs on a rainy day. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.


Volunteer  Positions:


Dog Walker

Summary: This position is most needed between 7:30 a and 9:00 am and between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm to walk dogs first thing in the morning and after the 3:00 pm feeding so they can relieve themselves, experience human interaction and get some exercise. Each dog may take 5-15 minutes depending on the dog. Dog walkers are welcome just about any time of day to spend one-on-one time with dogs and give them a break from the kennels.


Rules for Dog Walking: Dogs should be on leash from the moment they exit the kennel until they are returned into the kennel. They should be taken out separately and never brought nose to nose. Dogs should be walked according to the path and direction outlined by the Animal Care Technician to ensure dogs do not come together unexpectedly. Use Exit and Enter doors as designated. All attention should be placed on the dog. Cell phones should never be used while interacting with a dog.  Always be prepared, and do pick up after your dog. Watch body language and respond accordingly. If you don’t feel safe with a particular dog do not walk him.


Cat Lover

Summary: Spend quality time in the cat room playing, petting, and holding cats. Engage them in interactive play with balls, “fishing lines,” and other toys. Talk to them, play music or sing. They will appreciate the attention.


Rules for Cat Lover: Never leave cats alone with “fishing lines” or other toys which could potentially harm them while unsupervised. Pay attention to body language and don’t push any cat to do what he doesn’t want to do.


Shelter Helper

Summary: This position is most needed between 8am and 10 am and between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Work with staff to collect dirty bowls and bedding after feeding. Take dishes to the dish room and wash them according to instructions.  Take dirty beds and blankets to the laundry room. Assist staff by keeping the washer and dryer operating at all times. Set your phone alarm to notify you when its time to move laundry.


Rules for Shelter Helper: Dishes must be washed thoroughly inside and out. An Animal Care Technician will provide training. All laundry should be shaken out before putting in the washing machine. Leave unfilled space in the machine that is about the size of a football. Never overfill the washer or dryer. Use laundry detergent and bleach as directed for each load. When wash cycle is completed move it to dryer with a dryer sheet. Laundry is usually dry with one cycle. If it is still wet run the laundry through another cycle. Never fold and put away damp blankets and towels.


Event Assistant

Summary: Help with adoption and other events which may be held onsite or offsite. These events may be held in any part of Johnson County. You may be asked to help with booth set up and takedown, transport animals to and from, bring equipment or supplies, provide animal handling support and interact with members of the public.


Rules for Event Assistant: Always remember that you are representing ODAS. Become knowledgeable about the organization. Be friendly, kind and helpful to both staff and the general public.


Dog Behavior Assistant

Summary: This is an advanced position for those who have been around awhile and want to take their volunteering to the next level. Dog Behavior Assistants will receive additional training from staff and/or outside trainers. These volunteers will help teach dogs basic manners and/or conduct play groups.


Rules for Dog Behavior Assistant: Follow staff and trainer instructions to the letter to ensure training is consistent and that everyone stays safe. Have fun and be gratified by the results!


Note: Volunteers should never speak officially on behalf of ODAS    in any public venue, including social media, unless specifically requested by the Executive Director.  Negative representation of WAR or Johnson County will be cause for immediate dismissal.

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