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Foster with ODAS


Foster to Advertise

Foster Families play a vital role at Old Drum Animal Shelter by increasing our capacity to care for the
many animals who find their way into our shelter.

These outgoing foster families play an active role in helping to find adoptive homes for the animals in
their care. They bring their foster pet to adoption events or take them to the hardware store or to the
dog park wearing an “Adopt Me” vest.

Medical Foster

These soon to be pets just need a quiet stress-free environment where they can get well. They may be receiving treatment for heartworm or have had surgery to repair a broken leg.


Dogs Day Out

Dog’s Days Out Fostering lets you take a shelter dog for a much needed break from the shelter without the commitment or housing needed for long term fostering. The shelter will provide food, puppy pads etc. The foster provides all the love and attention.

You also provide necessary exposure for the animals. The more people that see our available animals, the higher their chances of finding their forever home!!

Puppies and Kittens

A home setting is the safest place for these little ones. As soon as they can be spayed or neutered, we
bring them back into the shelter for adoption. Many foster families help us find loving homes for their puppies and kittens.


Foster to Adopt

Foster to Adopts allows potential adopters to bring home a cat or dog on a trial basis. This can be helpful is seeing how the pet fits into your current environment, whether it be playful kids, lively dogs, snarky cats or a busy lifestyle!

Old Drum Animal Shelter has a constant demand for foster families. Fostering an Old Drum shelter animal is not only a benefit for our many cats, dogs, and other residents, but also for you!

Foster Benefits

  • You are saving a life

  • Unconditional love

  • Fostering is flexible

  • Good-byes enTAIL a happy ending when a furever home is found

  • And there is always a chance of a foster fail that turns into an adoption success into your own home

Shelter Animal Benefits

  • Fostering helps shelter animals find homes faster

  • Their life has been saved

  • Animal learns that they are loved

  • They gain social skills to help them shine

  • Freedom to be their best self

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