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Join ODAS Committees

Get involved in with the business side of ODAS by joining one of our committees. Committees meet as either monthly meetings or on an ad hoc basis. 



The fundraising committee's main goal is to generate funds to help ODAS grow and thrive. The committee plays an important role in fundraising, sponsorship and grants. This committee meets once a month.



ODAS consists of buildings and grounds generously provided by the City of Warrensburg. One of two buildings contains the veterinary clinic and shelters newly arrived animals. The other houses our administration and the animals who are available for adoption. We also have two sheds used to store building maintenance equipment and supplies, event supplies, the food pantry, and the many donated items we receive on a daily basis. 

The goal of the Facilities Committee is to maximize the use of our existing plant to provide the highest quality of care to our animals and support the activities of the people who make it happen: prospective adopters, volunteers and employees. This is creative and satisfying work for those who enjoy problem solving. The Facilities Committee meets as needed.

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The marketing committee's goal is to guide the marketing strategy of ODAS. This committee oversees the branding, online, volunteer outreach strategies and more. This committee meets once a month.

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The Legal Committee periodically reviews and recommends updates to the Bylaws which govern how the board of directors operates. They ensure our annual filings are up to date. The Legal Committee meets as needed. 


The finance committee's goal is to analyze the financial situation of ODAS and advise the directors regarding fiscal policy. This committee meets as needed.

Human Resources

Old Drum Animal Shelter operates with 10 - 12 full and part-time employees in various roles. This committee meets as needed to review and make recommendations regarding pay scales, benefits programs, revisions to the employee handbook and job descriptions.  

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